My husband and I had been living in the guest house on his parent’s property. The only reason I agreed to live there was because I thought it would be okay since we would have our own small home there. We had a small bedroom, a kitchen, a bath, and a small living room. It was free, so it seemed to be the right way to start our married lives together. It was not long though when I told him that I wanted to look at Peachtree Corners GA apartments. I know his parents mean well, but I am too independent and too much of a newlywed to enjoy having them around so much during our free time.

I told him that I was feeling smothered, and he actually understood because he was feeling the same way himself. We both have good jobs, so the money was not really a concern. It was just a nice bonus, but being truly on our own would be worth the cost of an apartment. We looked at the different ones in the area, knowing we would need to get one that was conveniently located for both of us. I was not sure how long I thought it would take, but I know I figured more than a few minutes.

As soon as we both saw the apartment that we now live in, we knew that it was the one for us. He was mostly excited about the fitness center right on the property. He explained that it would change how he worked out, since he could make spur of the moment changes to his schedule. That was too hard to do before because the gym was a good 20 minutes away. I like it because we have almost twice the space, plus we have complete independence here. This is how a marriage is supposed to start out!